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My God, it’s full of stars… June 18, 2007

Posted by Chicago Typewriter in bar review, Barbri.

I was looking over the review notes for the Illinois Civ Pro lecture today, and it was all blank spaces.  In most of the review notes, there is an occasional missing word or phrase, and you just fill it in.  No so with today; I’ll pretty much just be writing from start to finish, which is ok except my handwriting looks like cuneiform done by a drunk monkey.My dilemma is: do I write it out, or do I type?  If I type, then I’ll be checking my email, IMing, and posting to this blog at the same time.  This means I won’t be learning much at all (see, e.g., my 1L year, my 2L year, and the first two days of BarBri).  If I write, then it will be almost totally unusable once the short-term memory of the lecture fades. 



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