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I’ve lost my mind. July 20, 2007

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Expert LOLcat
From the facebook group Bar Exam LOLcats


Famous people who failed the bar. It’s like looking into my future. July 18, 2007

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Famous bar failures.

Maybe there’s hope after all…

I sympathize July 9, 2007

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One of the search terms that brought someone to this blog  yesterday was “bar exam and scared and 2007.”   If you are that person, I am with you. 🙂

Sighting July 8, 2007

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This is like the lamest, dorkiest version of the Gawker Stalker or Wonk’ed sightings, but I saw Roger Schecter (BarBri Torts) at the GW law school the other day and it gave me the lamest, dorkiest thrill.  I’m starting to lose it, aren’t I???  Apparently, upon some further stalking, he has his own Facebook group, which, while small, appears devoted.