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Sighting July 8, 2007

Posted by Victoria in bar review, Barbri, Roger Schechter.
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This is like the lamest, dorkiest version of the Gawker Stalker or Wonk’ed sightings, but I saw Roger Schecter (BarBri Torts) at the GW law school the other day and it gave me the lamest, dorkiest thrill.  I’m starting to lose it, aren’t I???  Apparently, upon some further stalking, he has his own Facebook group, which, while small, appears devoted.


one would think… June 20, 2007

Posted by Jacob in bar review, Barbri, Uncategorized.
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…that if they were going to take off whole points from essay grades when you don’t cite Extract provisions, all the lecturers wouldn’t be so lackadaisical in their advice about extract use ("just use it as an issue checklist, you should just answer based on your knowledge, maybe you could pick up a bit of organizational credit"). Wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you?

I guess a graded essay with a score of "3" is their way of putting us – from the shaking heads I saw around the auditorium, all of us – on notice. Surely there’s a better way.

See also Corporations questions on LLCs and partnerships; Corporations lecturers who spend no time on LLCs and partnerships.

My God, it’s full of stars… June 18, 2007

Posted by Chicago Typewriter in bar review, Barbri.
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I was looking over the review notes for the Illinois Civ Pro lecture today, and it was all blank spaces.  In most of the review notes, there is an occasional missing word or phrase, and you just fill it in.  No so with today; I’ll pretty much just be writing from start to finish, which is ok except my handwriting looks like cuneiform done by a drunk monkey.My dilemma is: do I write it out, or do I type?  If I type, then I’ll be checking my email, IMing, and posting to this blog at the same time.  This means I won’t be learning much at all (see, e.g., my 1L year, my 2L year, and the first two days of BarBri).  If I write, then it will be almost totally unusable once the short-term memory of the lecture fades. 

margin doodles, err, Con Law flashcards June 12, 2007

Posted by Jacob in Barbri, flashcards.
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I got up way too early and had way too little coffee for Con Law today. So I kept myself awake by reviving my abortive career as a visual artist.


week 4: brain check/fakeout June 11, 2007

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Just when you thought the lectures are in a downward spiral of unbearableness, you notice that someone 4 rows ahead of you is watching a DVD. Not just checking the ESPN, maintaining an iChat, or incessantly texting a Significant Other, but full-on Watching A Movie. Ok, so it’s Legally Blonde, but come on, that won’t really help you with the Maryland distinctions for Crim. (Screenwriters couldn’t even get the prevailing party right in basic-ass Gordon v. Steele, anyone remember Day 1 of Schrag? /dork)

So you start thinking to yourself, Awesome, that’s one person who isn’t gonna be doing better than me!

And then you realize it’s just the 10-year-old kid of the woman taking studious notes next to her. Oh well…

week 3 + internet = more lolprep June 8, 2007

Posted by Jacob in Barbri, flashcards, lolcats.
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Vic started it…

Why yes, yes it is the end of week 3 for some of us BarBrites. The spirits they do flag and the mind it do wander. Especially when Baltimore feels like the inside of an oven and you’ve just sat through Day 2 of a Civ Pro lecturer so boring he makes you long for Schrag and his Paula Jones impression… (Oh, Roll…!)

Finally I have books June 6, 2007

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Well, I finally got my books today. I’m only a week behind, so I should be ok.

The best part is that I’ve been attending classes even without having an ID. I shouldn’t have paid for the class in the first place.

Oh, and here’s something just because I’m classy.